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An exhibition of sound art curated by David Toop and presenting the works of twenty six artists.

The exhibition architecture created a quirky visual and spatial experience as well as one of sound in which the visitor becomes immersed. It drew on the exciting opportunities offered by the constraints of the existing gallery space and the nature of the pieces themselves and played with carefully planned sound spills and sound overlaps to generate an unexpected scenography.

Hayward Gallery, London, 2000, with Ian Ritchie Architects - photograph by Nicola Levinsky.

The press about SONIC BOOM:

Jeff Noon from The Independent on Sunday wrote about it:
“The continuum of noises interacts with the usually whispered atmosphere of the gallery, turning it into a more physical place, and people respond accordingly, talking, enjoying themselves, and getting as close as possible to the work”.

William Packer from the Financial Times wrote:
“Sonic Boom which now fills the entire Hayward Gallery with a comparatively orderly cacophony of competing sounds and visual effects is in a way a most enjoyable exhibition, striking and intriguing at every turn”.