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A ground breaking, hugely successful show on the origin of the moving image.

Each section naturally bled into the next and through multiple changes in scale and physical relationship between display and visitor, it constantly refreshed our intellectual engagement. The pre-cinematic devices were presented in such a way that our experience of them was very close to how it was when these were first ever shown: phantasmagorias gave an uncomfortable thrill and we could only be fascinated by the moving images coming from magic lanterns. The scenography was such that despite ourselves, we were physically involved with the objects and in the projections, to our great pleasure.

This work features in Exhibition Design, David Dernie, 2006, Simulated Experience, pp 98-99, Laurence King Publishing Ltd.

Hayward Gallery, London, 2004, collection Werner Nekes - photographs by Marcus Leigh - video piece by Ann Veronica Janssens, Scrub Colors 2, 2002.

The press about EYES, LIES & ILLUSIONS:

Laura Cumming from The Observer wrote about it:
“The dour old Hayward has been magically transformed to the point where regulars may lose their way in darkness”.

Waldemar Januszczak from the Sunday Times wrote:
“You walk into darkness and a spooky circle of silhouettes dances around you and above you. Some of these shadows are cast by other visitors to the show, who, with a simple trick of the light are made to seem like a race of giants stomping about the Hayward”.

Camelia Gupta from Culture 24 wrote:
“Eyes, Lies and Illusions is a beautifully designed show. Consistent with its subject, the exhibition is itself a dazzling spectacle. We’re allowed behind the scenes of individual illusions but not of the show itself”.