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A retrospective of the American artist voted by Time Out readers as one of the most stunning exhibitions of the last decade.

The works were here positioned and the sound balanced in such a way that they would interact with each other: in front of a piece, you could experience it fully, but as soon as your attention drifted away, you were subliminally drawn in further to the next one. The exhibition architecture was on the verge of absence.

Hayward Gallery, London, 1998, with Ian Ritchie Architects - photograph: Bruce Nauman, Consummate Mask of Rock, 1975 © ARS, NY and DACS, London 2008.

The press about BRUCE NAUMAN:

Wlademar Januszczak from the Sunday Times wrote about it:
“This a tough show, difficult to read, scratchy and irritating, a stuck record. But since I saw it, it has stubbornly refused to exit my thoughts. It's there now: weird, bellicose, loud. Such tenacity by an art experience is rare”.

Richard Cork from The Times wrote:
“Sounds of a bellowing man pull our attention away, and we find images of the artist's own head confronting us in a darkened room (...) the longer we stay, the more disconcerting the show becomes”.