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L'ASCENSION DU HAUT MAL (writer, director)

Pierre-François is six years old when he sees his big brother suddenly struck with a strange illness: the Grand Mal. In 1965, that was how people talked about epilepsy. Against it, traditional medicine is powerless. So his parents follow all sorts of bizarre therapies, spiritism, macrobiotics…

But in Pierre-François’ eyes, this leads nowhere: he knows all too well that to defeat the Grand Mal he will have to assemble the armies of Genghis Khan, conjure his ancestors’ ghosts, and even make a pact with demons.

Adapted from david B.'s multi award winning graphic novel.

FRANCE - produced by Les Films du Poisson and Acqua Alta in collaboration with Tchack animation studio - teasers at

The press about L'ASCENSION DU HAUT MAL:

Emma Deleva from Ecran Total wrote:
“Il n’était pas simple de s’attaquer à l’adaptation de la série autobiographique de David B., “l’Ascension du Haut Mal”. Le réalisateur Christophe Gérard s’y est attelé avec brio en respectant l’univers, les envolées graphiques de l’au­teur et la profondeur des noirs”.

Zainab from Comics & Cola wrote:
“Even from those brief glimpses, it looks pretty good, ominous and moving”.

Matt D. Wilson from Comics Alliance wrote:
“Animated adaptation of David B.’s ‘Epileptic’ gets stunning trailers (…) helmed by director Christophe Gérard which appears to nail the look and feel of the comic”.