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This essay is a theoretical fiction about our own theoretical fictions, those built through our activities as author-director of films, as architect-scenographer and as theoretician of a discipline that lies between two disciplines : architecture and cinema. It rests on an established fact : that space is ultimately generated in our mind : it is the combination of what we perceive, of our experience of space, which is polluted by factors such as our knowledge, our culture, our memory and our state of mind… Real space, like the filmic space we construct from the irreconcilable pieces of a film, the various points of view we are given, is ultimately a mental space! It is there that architecture and cinema meet up, where film, by generating space, in a sense becomes architecture. To create a film is therefore to create architecture. And in our case, two or three times rather than once, because the creation of a film inevitably proceeds from an architectural process and provides a theoretical field of exploration for architecture.

Cahiers Thématiques n°4, Fiction Théorique, 2006, pp 218-229, published by Jean-Michel Place.