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Set on the untouched Olchoro Onyore ridge in the East African Rift Valley, a college to shape the world of tomorrow, where the arrangement of spaces and buildings subtly respond to the site’s specific physical conditions, provide a range of scales and degrees of exposure to the wider landscape, a place where ideas can flourish, whether through heighten cultural, political and social exchanges, or retreat and quiet study.

Kenya, 2007, for John McAslan + Partners.

Selected reviews about UWCEA:

Jim Merrick, The Independent’s architecture correspondent, wrote:
“The buildings are informed by the environment, mitigating the harshness of the site and exploring how to gather the earth’s scarce resources. The slope, strong prevailing winds, and the equatorial sun-path produce an architecture that is physically rational, yet educationally and socially fertile (…) At UWCEA, teaching, learning and social conditions emphasise simplicity, sustainability and self-reliance. And so the masterplan creates important spatial and natural connections between students, staff, and the environment. The architecture is well-grounded and distinct, providing an inspiring scenography of landscape and horizon that mirrors the relationship between human diversity and biodiversity”.